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              Fleur de Lise

My journey is just beginning as a Reiki Practitioner. However, those who know me know that this path suits me well.

I found Reiki after going to palm readers, astrologers, and mediums that all kept telling me I’m meant to heal others. Since I’ve always found myself in situations taking care of the young, the old and even animals, it really started to sync in that maybe there is more to this life I’m supposed to be doing.

While on my soul-searching journey, I started to get more into meditating and learning about chakras. Naturally the reiki subject started coming up. I knew nothing about reiki but bought a book on it anyway. It was after reading about it that I woke up one morning and told my fiancé “I know what I have to do”. Once I had the epiphany, I started talking to others and my business just fell into place.

I’m excited about this new found passion, because I love how each person has a different experience. Seeing the ‘wow’ on the faces of those even the most skeptical is an amazing feeling.

Join me on my journey to betterness while I help you with yours. Together we will find the calm and serenity in our hectic lives.



Lise Pinard


I've been reading tarot cards for over 20 years for my closest family and friends. Since working with Reiki, I've decided to extend my readings  to others.  Tarot can make a great  accompaniment to Reiki or a stand alone service. Tarot readings provide insight and clarity especially in times of confusion. I often pull an Oracle card for my Tarot and Reiki clients, as these often confirm or clarify the message the client needs to hear.   

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